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All NEW-  Fish Stalker Custom Spinnerbait

24K gold blades, ball bearing swivels and ultra premium trailer skirts are just a few of the features we put into this true custom blade.  Toss these into the pads and hold on!

 The "Pro Shad Spin"- Our Signature Bait!

The "Pro Shad Spin" was created to be one of the most versatile baits in your tackle box.  At home completely through the water column- it catches fish of all species, at all depths.  Pair it with our Minnow Shad or Crazy Shad.  Our pros use this tool as a bottom dragger when its cold and the fish are deep, imitating a dying/lethargic shad,  when fish are suspended and need to tempted into striking, and when they're really active and chasing bait.  The Pro Shad Spin, and all of its cousins comes in ten colors and sizes from 1/4 oz all the way up to 3 ozs.  Fresh water or salt, there's a size for your application. Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, ball bearing swivels and tarnish resistant blades all topped off with a paint job that can only be created by hand- The Pro Shad Spin is quality through and through.   Its easy casting / "easy to use" design means The Pro Shad Spin can play a big roll in any tackle box. 

Crazy Shads and Minnow Shads

Designed with the Pro Shad Spin in mind!  A 3" soft plastic shad imitation that fits perfectly behind the shad spin.  Choose the  Crazy Shad for its swimming tail or the Minnow Shad for a more subtle approach.  Six fish catching colors! 

"Drop Down" Buzzbait
Our "Drop Down" buzzbait has been catching those short strikers for years now.  The bend down design allows the fish to fulling engulf the bait.  Total quality components like Mustad Ultra Point Hooks and tarnish resistant blades produce only the best. The "Drop Down" comes in two sizes and four colors.  Hand painted and clear coated, as always with Fish Stalker!


Our 6" Pro Lizard is hard to beat for those
spring time bass.  It's  excellent rigged
carolina or texas style and will catch'em when others fail. All the most popular colors to match your fishes taste.


9.5 MB
9.4 MB

The Bungi Head- A Fish Stalker Original

Developed specifically to put a different twist on tried and true baits.  The Bungi Head can be rigged with almost any of our soft plastics.  Just attach the spring keeper to the nose of the plastic and rig it Bungi Style!  Put the bait anywhere you would throw a shakey head or texas rig. See the videos on our Facebook page.

Jig Heads

We only use the best components- Mustad Ultrapoint hooks, molded in metal spring keepers, all coupled with a hand painted and

clear coated finish.  Simply one of the best shaky worm jig heads made.   The "Pro Round" head for the traditionalists creates a flippy floppy action when jiggled while the "Football" jig head sits up straight, and flicks the tail of the Finesse Worm when action is applied.  The "Football" comes with the traditional straight hook. Colors and sizes for any application!

Our Finesse Worm
Offered in both 4" and 6" sizes, this is the perfect worm for those fussy fish.  The finesse worm has more successful rigging  styles than we can list!   From shaky head to weightless, its a fish catcher.  Sixteen colors lets you adjust to the fish.

U Tails

Some more "finessy" little worms with some great tail action.  Good both shallow and deep.

Spots, Largemouth or Smallies- the tail action does it to them all.   Up against the wood, or deep in the rocks,  6" U tails bring them out! 

Ice Flies and Jigging Spoons

Time tested fish catchers!  From White bass, to Stripers, to Largemouth-- we've caught them all on these.  Hand tied with quality components as always!

NEW - Flippin' Jig

100% quality through and through.   Hand painted and clear coated, 60 strand skirt, and a beefy Mustad hook!

Craw Worms
A crawfish thats at home anywhere.  Whether casted, flipped, carolina rigged or texas rigged it puts the big ones in live well.   Nine colors and two sizes to fit any season.

 The "Stalker Craw"
The Stalker Craw is an "in their face" flippin' bait. A tough yet compact 4" design lets it slip through the thickest cover without snagging or fouling the hook.  Rig it on a stout rod, put it where you won't send your rabbit dog and hold

The "Trick Stick"   
An improved version of the ever  so popular sinking worm.  The Trick Stick utilizes a number of different advances- a recessed hook slot on the "egg sack" that fits a 3/0 hook exactly for a perfectly strait rig that remains weedless while still using a semi exposed hook.  Most of all, it performs longer than original designs, landing more fish per bait. The Trick Stick has a great fall rate and a trademark "Shimmy" that no fish can resist.  Rigged conventionally or "Wacky style", you just can't go wrong with this fish producer.  We call it the "Trick Stick"- Our Pro Staff likes to call it THE MONEY MAKER

Floating Worms

Made popular on our home waters of  Lake Murray, this worm continues puts 'em in the boat.

Rigged weightless, and fished around shoreline structure, this bait has accounted for many fantastic days on the water.  6" long and 5 of the most  neon colors your eyes can stand!

Tom Mundy's Own
"Slab Tail" Jigs

Sold in both individual packs and kits, Tom's "Slab Tails" are a unique crappie jig.  A solid body coupled with a thin triangular tail sets the action apart.  You simply cannot keep this  inch bait still. The slightest motion of the pole gets the tail going. Rigged with any of our numerous crappie jig heads, you can catch a limit for the pan!  If you like catching "Slabs" get yourself some "Slab Tails"!  21 Fish Stalkin' colors!

All Kinds of Panfish Temptations!

The Slab Tail is not our only perch catcher!  Go to our online store and check out our crappies section to see everything we have to help you put a little "stink" in the pan!

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